Lazy Girl sources high quality raw material, predominantly Australian Ingredients, cold pressed oils, fairtrade, mostly organic & vegan ingredients with 100% Pure Essential Oils. All products are thoughtfully made in small batches to ensure efficacy of amazing ingredients.

We will use minimal plastics, be mindful of our packaging and make sure to reuse and recycle. Casey loves to make products that have multiple uses to eliminate packaging waste.

Lazy Girl Green has a particular vision and is very stringent when it comes to releasing new products. Our main considerations for the brand are:

 - Environmentally Friendly - We choose environmentally friendly packaging with minimal plastics. Ordinary skincare and cosmetics packaging are usually not recycled and mostly sent to landfill. We are striving to have a 100% recyclable packaging in the very near future.

 - Multi-Use - products must have multiple uses this is to eliminate packaging waste but also to save time for us lazy girls.

 - Affordable - I want all lazy girls to be able to obtain beautiful, safe & back to basics skincare.

 - Refillable! Reuse your bottle for a sweet discount. Contact us for more!

Lazy Girl products and supplies are only ever tested on other Lazy Girls and never ever on animals.

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Lazy Girl Green is Casey, a wife, mother, student, sustainability advocate, change maker and sometimes* skincare maker. She has been making deliberately different skincare for over 6 years and has studied skincare formulation and is currently studying (she got a bit on) a Bachelor of Sustainability. 

At the end of the day Casey is just a mother trying to leave a better world for her littles and uses this platform to spread the message of sustainable, thoughtful and slow living.

*By sometimes we mean she almost always has too many balls up in the air and sometimes she has to go put her self under the doona and breathe for a bit.