Lazy Girl Life

Little tips and tricks to live a greener life even if you are a Lazy Girl.



Over the past 6 years I have become best mates with INCONVENIENCE. He’s mostly a good guy albeit extremely annoying and who always pops up at the worst time! We have had a love/hate relationship but all in all inconvenience has taught me so much!!

I have learnt that I can fit an unreal amount of shopping in my handbag when I forget my bags

I have learnt that I have these things called arms for a reason and I can CARRY things

I have learnt that missing a coffee because I don’t have my reusable cup is def not the end of the world

I have also learnt that I can def fit in a sit down coffee and enjoy my 
#cupoflife in a cafe if I have forgotten my reusable

I have also learnt that I feel soooo much better when I cook our own food from scratch rather than packets

Inconvenience has shown me how wonderful and rewarding it is to eat from your own garden

Inconvenience has shown me how resourceful i can be when refusing single use items (using a fork to eat soup is fun

I have learnt that it is totally OK to say no

I have learnt that I am very much adverse to chemical/fake fragrances so no I Def do not need a plug in chemical air freshener. Thanks but no thanks!!

I have learnt that I don’t need a gazillion skincare/beauty products. Just simple effective natural solutions - just like 

I have also learnt that much I see in mags and adverts are false promises just selling me lies so I want to contribute to unconscious consumerism (geez that was heavy

I have learnt that perfection is bullsh!t and doing what I can when I can without guilt or criticism is the key

I have learnt that I absolutely will not die of thirst if i forget my water bottle - I can wait til I get home/find a tap/cafe

I have learnt to put the environment ahead of convenience!!! Have you made friends with inconvenience?



Say #nothanks to plastic bags and bring your own.  Don't forget you have arms/hands for carrying things. If I see you with one item in a plastic bag I will lose my bananas! 
Vote with your dollars i.e avoid the big supermarkets, frequent markets and your local butcher/baker candlestick maker etc


Shopping with some intent:

Buying local and seasonally.
Buying the tomato paste in the glass jar. 
Avoiding ridiculous convenience foods with a ton of single use plastic attached, 
Buying the pasta in the cardboard box not the plastic. 
Buying organic products, palm oil free products, ethical and additive free products.

Those biggies are monitoring what you buy big time especially if you use a reward card so, tell them what you want by your repeated purchases.

This also extends to personal care, cleaning and clothing products.